We have developed a practice which thoughtfully explores each stage of a project’s cycle. We have an internationally experienced creative team working in tandem with a construction team boasting a wide ranging built portfolio. WHZED strives for team integration from beginning to end; designing, building and procuring all aspects of the landscape. We involve the ongoing and future maintenance plan of each design to ensure buildable and cost effective projects.

The WHZED agenda considers all aspects of the existing, designed, invented and managed realm. Uniting this agenda with the cultural, social and historic stories of a place, WHZED links the physical with the imagined through not only architecture and landscape but also Landart (graphic elements, signage, sculptures, intelligent and inventive art installations).

As a method of exhibiting our unique brand of knowledge, products and plants, WHZED are in the process of establishing a garden center focused on cultivating diverse landscape elements in the heart of our base, Kuala Lumpur.